TSA Secure Flight Program

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now handling all security watch-list screenings for U.S.-based airlines as well as for inbound and outbound international routes.

As a result, airlines are required to collect additional passenger information whenever a new reservation involving a U.S.-based airline is made. This Secure Flight information includes the following:

  • -Full name (including middle name if it exists) as it appears on the government-issued identification you use when traveling (e.g. your passport when traveling internationally)
  • -Date of birth
  • -Gender

Secure Flight information is passed to the TSA by the airline, where it is used to pre-screen passengers against names on U.S. Department of Homeland Security watch lists. A successful screening enables the airline to issue a boarding pass.

Launch of TSA Secure Flight

In an effort to support our airline partners and provide a more positive travel experience for our customers, we will begin to collect the full name, date of birth, and gender information for each passenger. This enables the airlines to pass passenger information to the TSA prior to departure date, reducing the number of additional questions and security procedures at check-in. Please note that this information is not mandatory when booking, but airlines will request this information at check-in (via Web, kiosk, or check-in counter) prior to issuing your boarding pass. Learn more about the TSA Secure Flight Program.

Booking & Travel Tips

  • -Always book air travel using your full name as it appears on the government-issued ID you plan to use on the day of travel (e.g. drivers license if traveling within the United States, or passport if traveling internationally).
  • -Verify that your profile is updated with your full name, date of birth, and gender information to ensure it is transmitted correctly from the airlines to the TSA.
  • -When booking flights as a guest, ensure that your full name, date of birth, and gender information is complete prior to booking
  • -Check in for your flight 24 hours in advance, if possible. Airlines will provide guidance at check-in when additional steps are required on the day of travel.
  • -Allow extra time at the airport. Even if your information is accurate, other travelers may require additional assistance, causing delays at check-in.
Secure Flight Frequently Asked Questions


What is Secure Flight and what does it do?

Secure Flight is a government program that streamlines the security watch-list matching process. It will improve the travel experience for all passengers.

What information will be collected by Secure Flight?

Secure Flight requires all airlines to provide a passenger’s name as it appears on the government-issued ID used for travel, date of birth, gender, and redress number (if applicable).

Why is Secure Flight collecting this information?

TSA determined that collecting the additional birth and gender data will greatly reduce the number of passengers misidentified as a match to the watch list.

What happens if my airline didn’t ask for any additional information?

Secure Flight will be phased in, with each airline incorporating the necessary changes into their systems over the coming months. As a passenger, there should be no concern.

If the name printed on my boarding pass is different than what appears on my government ID, will I still be able to fly?

You should ensure that the name you provide when you book your travel matches the government ID you will use when traveling. This is the name used by the TSA for security watch-list matching. Your boarding pass is issued after the TSA has reviewed your information, so differences should not impact your travel.

How do I know if I am on the No-Fly list?

If you are issued a boarding pass you are not on the No-Fly list. Any passenger who believes he/she has been delayed or denied boarding erroneously, may seek redress through the Department of Homeland Security.